Best Extensions for Web Development

Today I saw a Twitch Stream, where the Programmer used a great Accessibility Extension which made me think about: Are there maybe even more awesome Extensions? So today I will make a List of them.

1. Web developer

This is like the Extension for the modern Web Developer. You can disable Browser Styles, show your App in different Viewports and much more.

Firefox | Chrome

2. ColorZilla

There are many Colors in the Web today. What if you see a color that you want to use in your own Page? Or do you want to create a Page which uses a Background Image of another Page? There is an Extension for that.

Firefox | Chrome

3. Wappalyzer

Do you ever asked yourself which Technologies are used. There is an Extention for that as well.

Firefox | Chrome

4. WAVE Accessibility Extension

Accessibility is a big thing in the Web of today and tomorrow. So how to validate your HTML? The WAVE Extension is an all in one tool for this Validation.

Firefox | Chrome

Hope you enjoyed the Article, if not write your critique as a Comment. Jannik

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